11 People In the Running For Vacant Council Seat

11 People In the Running For Vacant Council Seat

Posted: 2020-02-07 15:31:27 By: hbr

There are 11 people in the running for the vacant Town Ward seat in Huntsville.  The seat was left vacant when Councilor Karin Terziano was appointed mayor after Scott Aitchison was elected as MP for the riding.

Friday, David Caplan, Kathleen de Vries, and Peggy Peterson filed their papers.  They join businessmen Cory Clarke, Charles Cooper, Doug Howell, Jamie Jordan along with Mallary Duncan.

Ken Inglis, Helena Renwick and Bob Stone have also filed and are the only candidates who ran for a councilor seat in the municipal election. Peterson had run for mayor unsuccessfully, against the incumbent Scott Aitchison.

Council will appoint one of the applicants at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday at 6pm.

The winning applicant will immediately take their seat at the table.