13,000 People Attend Bracebridge's Fire & Ice Festival

Posted: 2020-02-10 09:24:29 By: hbr

Bracebridge’s marquee winter event, the Fire and Ice Festival, reported stable attendance numbers for their 2020 edition, which took place last month.

During the most recent council meeting, Bracebridge Councillor Rick Wilson reported that organizers say numbers were comparable to 2019. It was also reported that 121 volunteers took part this year, and Wilson specifically thanked the Muskoka Sno Bomber snowmobiling club for their assistance.

In 2019, Fire and Ice drew some 13,000 people to the downtown area. That number was actually a decline of roughly 2,000 people over the previous year.

The numbers stayed similar despite the fact that temperature for this year’s festival, which topped out just above the freezing mark, was fully 20 degrees warmer than the 2019 edition.

The next Fire and Ice Festival is set for Jan. 30, 2021.