1500 Guns Taken Off The Street During Gun Amnesty Month

Posted: 2018-05-15 10:40:30 By: hbr

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have received hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition during a month-long Gun Amnesty.
During the month of April, the OPP:
·      received 592 gun amnesty calls for service, 
·      recovered 689 items through appointments made with OPP officers including 267 rifles, 156 shotguns, 113 prohibited firearms, and 62 other guns such as replica and vintage weapons; and, 
·      collected 12,615 pieces of ammunition.
All Ontario police services participated in the month-long initiative. During that time, a total of 1,503 guns were voluntarily surrendered in non-OPP jurisdictions.
A majority of firearms that have been surrendered to police will be destroyed, but a number of guns will be retained for historical, educational or training purposes. 
Although the gun amnesty has officially ended, police will continue to accept submissions from the public.