2018 Was A Busy Year For Forest Fires In Ontario

Posted: 2018-11-02 09:34:13 By: hbr

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says the 2018 wildfire season was one of the busiest fire seasons experienced in Ontario in recent years. A total of 549 fires were recorded across the province during the month of July alone.

Provincially, 1,325 fires consumed 276,356 hectares compared to last year which saw 776 fires and 111,955 hectares burned.

The Parry Sound 33 fire in particular consumed 11,362.5 hectares from July 18 until it was declared ‘being held’ on August 9 and then ‘under control’ on August 23. It was officially declared ‘out’ on October 31.

The Province received assistance from 799 forest firefighters and 128 support staff and/or equipment from Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other parts of Canada during the 2018 fire season.