$48,000 Donated for Local Charities (Muskoka Community Foundation)

Posted: 2020-06-30 07:21:52 By: thebay

On May 2nd, the Muskoka Community Foundation and a group of dedicated volunteers hosted the Stay at Home Gala with our very own morning host Grant Nickalls as well as local artist Helena J. Renwick.

A virtual event to support charities in Muskoka while enjoying all of the elements of a regular gala.  An evening of local entertainment and meals from a local restaurant delivered hot and ready to Muskokan viewers.

With over 300 people logging on to participate, the Muskoka Community Foundation raised over $48,000.00 to support both the Huntsville and Bracebridge Hospital Foundations, Muskoka Women’s Shelters and Services (MWAG) and ten food security programs working in each of Muskoka’s six municipalities.

The foundation says that the purpose behind the event was to bring people together and create a sense of community, something that had been impacted due to COVID-19, and to raise much needed funds for charities working to support the Muskoka community.