50% Cut to Secondary School Teachers In Near North

Posted: 2019-04-24 08:22:08 By: hbr

The Near North School Board which operates public schools in the Almaguin Highlands and areas to the north announced yesterday that 114 secondary school teachers will be losing their jobs.

Glen Hodgson, president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation in the Near North said "This is absolutely unprecedented in the history of the Near North. There has never been a time when we have had such deep cuts and so much uncertainty. This is a clear result of the Ford cuts and will have a devastating impact on schools in the Near North and on the students who attend those schools," he said.

The staffing cuts amount to a reduction of almost 50 per cent of the entire teaching staff of the Near North and will mean more than 600 courses will no longer be available for students.

Hodgson says clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities will also be lost as a result of the drastic reduction in the number of teachers. Additionally, small and rural schools as well as any specialized programming will be at significant risk as a result of these cuts.