6 tried and true best burgers in Muskoka

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It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, whether it’s rain or shine or even a tornado watch, burgers are undoubtedly a staple go-to meal. Many, if not most, restaurants in Muskoka offer juicy burgers with delicious sides. There are enjoyable classic burgers, burgers with ingredients that will make your tongue sizzle and quick burgers that are equally as good.

Writer Leila Nasr-Sharifi asked Muskoka locals where they get their favourite burgers and tried most of them. These are not in order based on best to worst. All of these places are absolutely amazing!


Carey’s Irish Pub, Gravenhurst

This was my second time at Carey’s, but my first time having their burger. To put it eloquently, I would absolutely go back for the same meal, even though I’m someone who likes to try different menu items each time I go back to the same place. This restaurant came recommended by quite a few locals because of their exciting burger of the week menu, which is announced daily on social media.

While the burger of the week sounded appealing, I decided for to go for the ‘Carey’s Burger’, a classic choice and one they have on their menu indefinitely. This one has everything a standard burger would have, except it includes bacon (who can say no to that?), onion rings (cool!) and BBQ sauce (drool).

Carey’s has just become one of my favourite burger spots – not just in Muskoka!

Sullys Muskoka Gourmand, Bracebridge

“House ground chuck, brisket & short rib” is Sullys’ burger patty. An array of flavours just in the patty itself is a great way to start by making a meal that will leave someone satisfied for days. Maybe not for days because it leaves us wanting more, but you know what I mean. Another great touch is truffle rosemary aioli.

With a warm bun and fresh ingredients, I felt absolutely fulfilled. The locals really hit it out of the park with this recommendation!

The Oar, Gravenhurst

The Oar is a lovely restaurant in Gravenhurst that has a unique menu of various options, such as, jackfruit tacos (which are delicious by the way}. Naturally I went for their ‘Classic Oar Burger’, and wow! It’s juicy, flavourful and finished way too quickly. Does anyone else notice that? A good meal seems to just… evaporate.

I don’t know how else to describe how delicious this meal is besides saying that you have to try it next time you’re in Gravenhurst. Or better yet, make a trip specifically for this burger!

As a side I had the Caesar salad. It’s not a choice I always make since fries and burgers seem to go together so well, but I thought why not switch it up? I made a great choice. It’s hard to get a salad wrong, so you might be thinking who cares? It’s just a salad. You’ll care when you try it.

Bracebridge Barrelhouse, Bracebridge

Have you ever had a meal that made you do a little shimmy while you were eating because of how good it is? Prepare yourself to do that when eating the ‘Full Circle Burger’ from Barrelhouse. This is a top spot for my partner and I for a few reasons.

On a warm Kaiser bun comes a grass-fed patty with the classic ingredients of lettuce, tomato and onion. The bun is just as important as the rest of the ingredients in case you haven’t noticed. Ask for a bit of their maple aioli to sprinkle on your burger. You’re welcome!

Next time I go back, I’ll be trying their Next time I’ll try their ‘Barrelhouse Burger With A Couple of Ringers’.

Mill on Main, Huntsville

Writing this is becoming more and more difficult. Sometimes I wonder what makes a good burger a good burger, know what I mean? The ingredients may shift slightly, especially when choosing a standard one, but these restaurants always seem to get it right! Mill on Main is no exception.

I opted for the “Dirty Burger” out of the three choices they have on their menu. I thought you know what? Let’s get a little crazy. It paid off! With some jalapenos and chipotle mayo on the burger, this one hit the spot. Oh, and their garden salad with the raspberry dressing is a must try. I chose the salad over the wedges, which I will be going back to try!

The Burger Shop(pe), Bracebridge

Keep this place in your back pocket for a time when you’re on-the-go and want something good and quick! The website states that they make their patties fresh each morning – never frozen. For those of you who like a quality patty that doesn’t break the bank, this is your spot.

They have coffee infused mayo on some of their burgers. How cool! Venture out, step out of your comfort zone. If you’re not into that, try their classic burger for $7.49.

All of these were takeout except for Careys Irish Pub, which I had the opportunity to dine in before lockdown happened. Even with takeout, these restaurants are really showing up for their customers by making fresh and mouth-watering meals. Some of these places are out of the way, so after picking up your meal, head to a beautiful Muskoka nature spot and eat in nature. It’s a great experience.

Other burger shops that I didn’t get the chance to try due to distance and time, but were highly recommended by many people are Bass Lake Road House in Muskoka Lakes, Din’s Fresh Fries in Dwight and Smokin’ Hot BBQ in Huntsville. Check out their menus and photos and see for yourself the magic that is a burger!


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