$70,000 To Beautify Intersection

Posted: 2018-08-17 07:45:01 By: hbr

Beautification costs for the intersection of Entrance Drive and Cedar Lane raised some eyebrows at Bracebridge general committee meeting on Tuesday.

There’s currently a grass island there and the town’s environmental advisory committee wants something similar to the landscaping at the roundabout on Taylor Road.

A contractor gave the committee a number of options. The committee favoured option had flower gardens, landscaped river rocks, a town sign on flat faced rock similar to the Taylor Road Roundabout, a flag pole, irrigation and landscape lighting.

However, the committee was less than thrilled with the potential $70,000 price tag.

There were also concerns about visibility for drivers at the intersection but councilors were assured that would be taken into account.

The plans were moved ahead for consideration in the 2019 budget.