Air Service To Muskoka Could Start Within Weeks

Posted: 2018-05-23 11:03:31 By: hbr

Toronto to Muskoka in 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon? 
It could be a reality within weeks, as District council heard during Tuesday night’s meeting.
CAO Michael Dubben said on May 2 the District was contacted by FlyGTA, a company which currently offers regular air service from Billy Bishop Airport to the Niagara region.
Since then talks have progressed at rapid pace, to the point where Dubben said FlyGTA is nearly prepared to offer regular air service starting this summer.
Just last month, talks to bring regular airline service to Muskoka Airport were put on hold after the deal became hung up amid impending federal regulations.
FlyGTA is a much smaller company than was previously being pursued, said Dubben, and as such, they aren’t subject to the same federal rules and regulations as the larger carriers.
FlyGTA are expected to use six and eight seater planes. The flight to Toronto is expected to take roughly 26 to 36 minutes (depending on weather conditions), and is expected to cost roughly $139 one way.
Service is expected to begin in mid-June and last until the end of the summer at minimum, and potentially into the fall season.
Dubben said the specific schedule for the flights is still being discussed but flights leaving on Thursdays and Fridays from Toronto and returning Sundays and Monday would make the most sense.