Aitchison Says We Need To Address Issues Around Flooding

Posted: 2019-04-30 09:56:00 By: hbr

Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison had the opportunity to view part of the community from one of the OPP helicopters on the weekend.

Aitchison says he is hopeful that the water will return to normal regulated levels soon. Once the clean up is completed, he says he intends to convene a public session to review the Town of Huntsville procedures to determine what we did well and where we have to improve.

Aitchison says there also must be a serious conversation and action plan for all levels of government.  Discussions should includes changes in the way we live on the water, how we have treated wetlands, the locations which should never have been built on and how we can change.

Aitchison says we must also look very seriously at the multitude of structures that currently manage the flow of water through Muskoka and come to grips with the fact that most of them were constructed in a very different time for purposes not related to flood control.

Aitchison says we have a capacity to adapt and so we must. Expecting the next flood to not be as bad as the last, stacking sand bags, government disaster relief funding, insurance claims - none of these are sustainable and so we will be forced to make changes, he said.