Bracebridge Accessibility Committee Planning Accessible Playground

Posted: 2020-03-20 10:15:37 By: hbr

Bracebridge’s accessibility committee has been busy so far in 2020.

During the Town’s Most recent development services meeting the accessibility committee revealed that they have applied for funding to create a fully accessible playground at Kirby’s Beach, located just off Beaumont Drive. The committee has applied for funding under the Jumpstart program. They will discuss alternative funding if the Jumpstart application proves unsuccessful.

There was also some discussion of on-street accessible parking. Council was told that while there are provincial regulations for accessible parking in parking lots there are no similar rules for street parking.

Staff reported that they've now measured all of the on-street accessible parking spaces in Bracebridge and they found that no two parking spaces are the same length. As a result they are trying to create some guidelines for accessible parking by looking at how it's done in other communities.

The advisory committee is also sending out letters to a couple of businesses in Bracebridge where customers have reported accessibility issues.

There was some concern from Council that a letter from the town could look more like a demand than a suggestion. Staff assured council that letters have been sent in the past and they are always written in a way to make them seem suggestive rather than imposing.