Bracebridge Adopts 1.6% Tax Increase For 2019

Posted: 2019-03-01 07:28:27 By: hbr

Bracebridge Town Council has approved the 2019 Municipal Budget on Wednesday.

Mayor Graydon Smith said “With the adoption of this Budget, the Town is able to move forward with important projects, including construction of the Salmon Avenue extension and site preparation for the new Multi-Use Community Centre.”

Highlights of the approved 2019 Municipal Budget and Business Plan include:

  • $3.4 million to extend and widen Salmon Avenue to support site servicing and site preparation in anticipation of the construction of a new Multi-Use Community Centre;
  • $1.1 million to complete the reconstruction of James Street;
  • $525,000 for replacement of a front-line Pumper truck for the fire dept;
  • Growing the annual allocation to the Town’s Major Infrastructure reserves

The 2019 Municipal Budget results in a 1.6% increase to the Town’s Tax Rates. The tax rate impact results in an increase of approximately $7 per $100,000 of assessment for the year.