Bracebridge Calls On Province To Address Safety On Hwy 11

Posted: 2019-10-16 13:57:40 By: hbr

Bracebridge Town council is getting behind a wave of support to increase safety on Highway 11.

Earlier this year, a group called Safer Highway 11 began petitioning local governments to help increase safety on the highway by putting more pressure on the provincial government.

Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith said other Muskoka municipalities have already come on side and it was time for Bracebridge to do so as well.

The group says the primary problem are the at grade entrances to the highway, of which there are seven in Muskoka between Stephenson Road 1 and Highway 60. The group says over the past decade more than 950 accidents have been reported along that stretch of roadway.

Bracebridge councillors agreed to send a motion to the province urging them to make safety improvement on that stretch of highway a part of the 2020 budget.