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Bracebridge Committee approves recommendation for two new full-time positions

Bracebridge Committee approves recommendation for two new full-time positions

Posted: 2022-09-13 13:58:37 By: thebay

Bracebridge staff recommended that funding for two new permanent positions be considered in the upcoming 2023 draft Municipal Budget and Business Plan, in the General Committee meeting on September 13, 2022.

The full-time staff additions include a Manager of Human Resources and Manager of Engineering, and with a starting period of April 2023.

Staff also requested the Committee to authorize the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer to proceed with the implementation of the proposed staff additions.

According to the proposal, as the Town continues to grow and develop, needs to meet the operational service demands increase.

Mayor Rick Maloney inquired about whether “we’re putting the cart before the horse” regarding hiring managerial staff before additional assistance levels.

Director of Public Works, Geoff Carleton replied that regarding the Manager of Engineering position, “The demands of the workload are more of managerial level.” He added, “We need that specific oversight.”

Councillor Barb McMurray inquired about whether new full-time staff will save on contracting work out.

Carleton replied, “Yes. It will allow us to have capacity, and time and ability to look at and analyze things…see a better oversight…ahead of the curve. Having a capacity to review and understand things in greater detail will be more proactive. And we can target where we can be more productive and efficient.”

The Committee approved the recommendations and further questions and considerations will be addressed at the upcoming budgeting time.