Bracebridge Council Discuss Speed Calming

Posted: 2019-05-07 07:58:38 By: hbr

The topic of traffic control has now become a common discussion at Bracebridge general committee meetings and the most recent meeting was no exception.

This time the street in question was Big Island Road near Prospect Lake.

Coun. Mark Quemby, who had issues with the volume of speed limit requests over the past year or so, pointed out that Big Island Road is a dead end road with only about 15 property owners.

The motion was a request to ask property owners in the area if they’d support traffic calming humps on the road. The current speed limit is 10 km/hr and Quemby said due to the nature of the road, a driver couldn’t get up to 50 km/hr if they wanted to.

He said town staff were already spending too much time on a non-issue.

Coun. Archie Buie said the motion would simply allow the town to ask residents if they wanted traffic calming.

At a potential cost of up to $15,000, the committee ultimately decided not to go ahead with the speed humps idea and instead said staff should focus on road brushing and clear signage of the existing limits.