Bracebridge Councilor Proposes Extensive Active Transportation Route

Posted: 2018-09-05 08:29:55 By: hbr

If Councilor Mark Quemby’s proposal comes to fruition, Bracebridge could soon have an extensive roadside biking and walking trail running along the Muskoka River and Highway 118.

During Tuesday’s general committee meeting Quemby said he’d like the District to create an active transportation corridor running along Golden Beach Road to Highway 118 and then into Bracebridge and along Wellington Street to Santa’s Village Road. There are currently plans underway to revamp Santa's Village Road to include a similar path, creating one large loop.

The decision ultimately lies with the District government, who are currently wrestling with the highly contentious redevelopment of Santa’s Village Road.

Mayor Graydon Smith said such a project would likely assist the residents of Muskoka Hills Retirement Home who must currently walk a dangerous road shoulder to get into town.