Bracebridge Councilors Express Concern Over Plans For New Arena Complex

Posted: 2018-09-28 07:54:48 By: hbr

A staff report on the proposed new arena/library complex for Bracebridge did not sit well with the town’s general committee during their Tuesday meeting.

The plan outlined several options on how the Town can proceed depending on whether they choose to pursue a phased approach or a single phase. The price tag was roughly $50 million, and construction is expected to take three years for the single phase and six years for the multi-phase.

Councilor Mark Quemby said the plans he was looking at were not what had been discussed at the planning stage. He said the field house they had been requested has been changed to a gymnasium, which the Town doesn’t need and didn’t ask for

“This feels like we’ve gone 180 degrees,” he said. “How did we get here? It’s like asking for a pick-up truck and getting a Volkswagen.”

Councilor Archie Buie said the Town needs to figure out whether they want a field house at all and how they’re going to be able to afford to keep it.

The committee ultimately decided to defer a decision on the arena so they could have time to gather more information.