Bracebridge Fire Dept Buys New Pumper Truck

Posted: 2018-07-06 07:47:14 By: hbr

The Town of Bracebridge is shelling out just over $500,000 to buy a new pumper truck for the fire department.

The move was approved by Bracebridge general committee earlier this week but not everyone was buying in.

The Fire Department replaces pumper trucks after 15 years of service, but Coun. Archie Buie questioned whether that timeline should be re-considered.

He pointed out that structure fires are on the decline across the province. He said maybe the length of a truck's life should be more dependent on factors like mileage or hours in service.

Fire chief Murray Medley said in the past two weeks alone the current pumper truck has been called out to two structure fires, an excavator fire, a bush fire and a gas leak. Regardless, he said the 15 year guideline boils down to insurance. Insurance companies lay down the guidelines for how long they will insure a front line vehicle like the pumper, said the fire chief.