Bracebridge Gets New By Pass

Posted: 2019-02-08 09:18:06 By: hbr

It looks like Bracebridge is getting a bypass from Wellington Street to Highway 118 West and possibly another two roundabouts.

During their last general committee meeting, councillors reviewed an environmental assessment and contracted a company to begin clearing the new road, which will extend from Salmon Ave to Highway 118 West, bypassing the busy intersection of Wellington and Highway 118.

The road will have access to the new arena and library complex set to be built on Salmon Ave. The road is proposed to have three lanes, including a centre turning lane,  two bicycle lanes, a three metre wide paved trail along the Black Creek and a regular sidewalk on the other side.

Councillor Mark Quemby suggested that staff consider a roundabout at the intersection of the new road and Highway 118 and potentially one at the entrance to the new arena as well. He was told the idea will be considered during the detailed planning phase.

The first phase of the road extension project is expected to cost $3.4 million.