Bracebridge Pledges To Support MAHC's Capital Plans

Posted: 2019-10-28 07:24:30 By: hbr

Last week, The Town of Bracebridge threw its support behind the plan for a full range of core hospital services in Bracebridge and in Huntsville.

Mayor Graydon Smith, said that  “Although the costs associated with construction of new hospital facilities can be quite daunting, with required Provincial support, MAHC will be able to develop new facilities that will serve this region for many decades in the future.”

The Towns of Bracebridge and Huntsville, as well as the other municipalities in the Muskoka and East Parry Sound regions, have been actively engaged in deliberations related to the development of MAHC long-term capital plans for a number of years and The Town of Bracebridge confirmed it is committed to supporting MAHC in all future stages of the capital planning process, including deliberations related to the selection of a preferred site for a new hospital in Bracebridge.

Several years ago, the Town offered a parcel of land adjacent to Hwy 11 as a possible location for a new hospital site in Bracebridge.