Bracebridge Residents Warned Of Tough Days Ahead

Posted: 2019-04-26 13:36:40 By: hbr

Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith says residents that they should prepare for a sustained flooding event given the forecast and the amount rain already received today.  Smith noted that it is raining harder north or Bracebridge and “any rain north of the town, makes its way to Bracebridge”.

The mayor said residents should do what is needed to keep themselves safe and prepare for “tough days ahead.”

Smith emphasized that if anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs assistance – evacuating their homes to call 211 – that he said, is the centralized number for people who need help during the event.  In an emergency situation, call 911.

Smith says that if you are in flooded area and on well water, assume it is not potable and find an alternative water source.  The town has a public water source at 336 Ecclestone Dr. or 1601 Beaumont Dr.

The mayor said sandbags are available free of charge in Bracebridge at Rosewarne Drive, paid for by the town and filled by Fowler Construction.

Residents who are holding in place, should have adequate supplies for 72hours and register with 211, so the town knows where you are.