Bracebridge Rolls Out Rules For Pot Sales In Town Limits

Posted: 2019-07-04 14:58:45 By: hbr

The town of Bracebridge recently rolled out their rules on where cannabis can legally be sold inside town limits.

In April the government said no municipality with less than 50,000 people could have a cannabis retail license, which excluded all of Muskoka. While the province hasn’t indicated when the second phase of retail licenses will be issued Bracebridge has now informed the  Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario that they’re opting to allow cannabis retail stores in town.

During the last general committee meeting, councillors finalized their municipal cannabis policy.  

Retailers are banned from opening up shop within 150 metres of schools, and the new plan takes that into account. 

Originally the town had considered a plan with much more restrictive guidelines on where retailers can open up shop, but revisions were made by council to loosen the restrictions. Mayor Graydon Smith said the new plans will allow cannabis retailers to be ready when future licenses are issued.