Bracebridge Rotary Asking For Suggestions For Citizen Of The Year Award

Posted: 2020-11-11 07:28:22 By: thebay

The Bracebridge Rotary Club is asking if you know someone who has displayed a pronounced and continued pattern of exemplary civic duty and self-less volunteer service in our community? 

Annually, the Rotary Club of Bracebridge celebrates the volunteer achievements and contribution of one individual through naming them Citizen of the Year. 

According to the Chair of the Citizen of the Year Committee, Cheryl Kelley, "It is a great honour for the club, and a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation for those in our community who give back continuously and who help make Bracebridge an amazing place to live.” 

Nominations can be made online or by calling the Rotary Club


  1. Electronic Submission -
  2. Downloading a Nomination Form
  3. By calling the Committee Chair at 705-645-5508 to obtain a form or by email to