Bracebridge Spends $2.4Million on Replica Covered Bridge

Posted: 2018-08-20 07:55:06 By: hbr

The Black Bridge on Matthiasville Road in Bracebridge is set for a $2.4 million rebuild.

During the most recent Bracebridge general committee meeting, council endorsed their preferred option for a new bridge to span the south branch of the Muskoka River.

After completing an environmental assessment and talking to the public, the existing bridge will be replaced by a single lane replica structure with a pedestrian sidewalk, painted black.

Councilor Barb McMurray was not enthusiastic about the proposal. She said when the residents of her home ward in Vankoughnet wanted a replica bridge several years ago they were told it was too expensive.

“If we’re trying to save money this makes no sense,” said McMurray.

Public works head Walt Schmid said there were several differences between the Vankoughnet bridge and the Black Bridge, including sight lines and heritage designation. Going with a cheaper option was not a viable option for the Black Bridge, he said.