Bracebridge Spends $60,000 on Boat Launch Repairs

Posted: 2018-05-26 13:07:36 By: hbr

The Town of Bracebridge is putting the brakes on any trucks attempting to use the Browning Island boat launch.
During Tuesday’s General Committee meeting, council signed off on $60,000 worth of repairs for the docks at George Road and the commercial dock at Browning Island.
Councilor Mark Quemby said he had an issue with the fact that Browning Island dock had been primarily damaged by contractors loading onto barges and now the Town was being stuck with the bill.
Walt Schmid, the Town’s director of public works, said there is now another dock located to the north for industrial uses. He added that bollards will be installed as part of the restoration project to stop contractors using the dock.
The repairs were approved following the release of an engineer’s report on the status of the Town's 12 municipally run boat launches and docks. The report indicates the Town will need to put an estimated $350,000 of repairs into the municipally run docks over the next 10 years.