Cameras Being Installed At Social Housing Units

Posted: 2018-05-28 14:10:30 By: hbr

New security cameras are being installed to keep a closer eye on social housing units in Bracebridge.
During last week's District council meeting it was agreed to up the priority for security cameras at social housing units on Alice and Aubrey Streets in Bracebridge.
According to a report, District staff have been in communication with the O.P.P. regarding a number of incidents at both of the locations. 
In a meeting with the O.P.P. in March it was requested that staff consider adding security cameras to the Alice and Aubrey locations as soon as possible to assist with monitoring and investigations, and to assist in ensuring the safety of residents. 
During the same meeting it was also determined that security camera projects for social housing units on Brunel Road in Huntsville, and on Bethune Drive in Gravenhurst scheduled for 2018 are of equal priority and should go ahead as planned,
Instead, council postponed security camera projects on Pinedale Road in Gravenhurst and Meadow Park Drive in Huntsville.