Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week Starts Thursday

Posted: 2019-10-30 15:47:05 By: hbr

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week runs from November 1-7, and the Muskoka Fire Prevention Officers reminds you to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) in your home by getting all fuel-burning appliances inspected annually.

Fire Prevention Officer, Mike Vadlja says “In Ontario, more than 65% of injuries and deaths from Carbon Monoxide occur in the home.” He recommends that all fuel-burning appliances be inspected by a registered contractor.  

Fire Prevention Officers are also reminding residents to install CO alarms in your home if you have a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage. Fuel-burning appliances can include furnaces, hot water heaters, gas or wood fireplaces, portable fuel-burning heaters and generators, barbeques, stoves and vehicles.

Vadlja said “You must have a working CO alarm adjacent to each sleeping area of the home if your home has a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage – it’s the law,” he said.