Clement Resigns From Caucus

Posted: 2018-11-07 14:37:52 By: hbr

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer accepted Parry Sound Muskoka  MP Tony Clement’s resignation from caucus today after revelations that he shared sexually explicit images and a video online that has resulted in an alleged extortion attempt.

Scheer said that evidence has come to light to suggest that Clement may have engaged in similar behaviour in the past.

Scheer asked Clement to resign from caucus so that he can respond to the allegations.

Clement is a member of a top secret national security and intelligence committee which was of concern for high-level security operatives.

Scheer said he was made aware of an RCMP investigation into the matter last week and then subsequently met with Clement face-to-face on Monday, when he was "brought up to speed about what was going on."

Global News is reporting that someone is demanding 50,000 Euro’s to  prevent the release of the images and video.