Clement Says Lockdown Is Ridiculous - Untether Muskoka From Simcoe

Clement Says Lockdown Is Ridiculous - Untether Muskoka From Simcoe

Posted: 2021-03-01 11:02:24 By: thebay

Tony Clement, former Health Minister in the province and former Minister of Health federally, says he does not support the province’s decision to move Simcoe Muskoka into the grey lockdown zone.

Clement says he has understood the need for lockdowns in the past – in particular to do with hospital capacity.  This lockdown he says appears “to be a worry about the spread of the variant – mostly in Barrie.”

Clement commented that Muskoka had zero new cases on Friday, and said that at this point, the thirteenth month of the pandemic, that the health unit and the province would “entertain more creative solutions, other than lockdown, get out of lockdown, go back into lockdown.”

Clement said that “This is ridiculous – our businesses are suffering.” Clearly this is having a huge mental health impact, he says, speaking of a video of a business owner in tears.

“Show me that personal care businesses and restaurants are the epi-centre of new cases, then you might have a case. There is no evidence of that and that is what makes it so frustrating,” he says. 

Clement says the health unit’s actions are becoming less evidence based and more fear based. He challenged the health unit to prove how Muskoka is the epi-centre of their concerns and further advised that the  health unit should deal with the few businesses that import workers from Simcoe separately and not “spread the brush” across all personal care businesses, restaurants and all the gyms in Muskoka “because of your concern over a couple of instances.”

Clement says “we are at the tipping point” and people and businesses may start ignoring public health advice.

He recommends the health unit “rethink this, and untether Muskoka from Simcoe.”

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