Clement Says The Government Isn't Ready For Legalization

Posted: 2018-10-10 07:40:22 By: hbr

Conservative Justice Critic MP Tony Clement, along with Shadow Minister for Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Border Security, Pierre Paul-Hus responded to the Liberal Justice Minister’s claim that marijuana impaired driving charges will have to be decided “on a case by case basis” by saying: “Next week marijuana becomes legal in Canada and it’s clear that Justin Trudeau has rushed ahead to meet a political deadline without a plan to keep Canadians safe on our roads."

Clement says “His Justice Minister’s comments on the weekend confirm that there is no conclusive way to determine if someone is driving high."  Clement and Paul-Hus say the saliva testers the Liberals have approved have been met with skepticism, causing several police forces, including Vancouver and Ottawa, to refuse to use them.

Clement says that legalization is being rushed through without proper planning or consideration for the negative consequences, including keeping marijuana out of the hands of children, and profits out of the hands of criminals.