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CLH launches auction for homeless males

CLH launches auction for homeless males

Posted: 2022-06-20 07:22:25 By: thebay

Fundraising for Community Living Huntsville's transitional housing effort will begin on June 20th.

The program is geared toward homeless young males who are ostracized and have developmental issues. 

Jennifer Jerrett, Community Engagement Specialist for Community Living Huntsville, says the organization’s team members have routinely witnessed people and families they support unable to find, afford, or maintain adequate living space in North Muskoka due to low availability, cost, competition, and systemic barriers. The COVID-19 pandemic only made it worse.

More than 80 works by local artists will be put up for auction during the second annual event. The products will include hand-painted canoe paddles, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, and woodwork.

Jerrett says “The initiative relies on fundraisers, donations, and charitable grants. Your auction bids will help pull young adults with developmental disabilities out of precarious conditions and into a better future.”

Visit the Artists for Inclusion 2022 auction site by following: