Climate Action Is A Real Concern For Lake Of Bays

Posted: 2021-07-14 10:32:27 By: thebay

If you ask the Lake of Bays Council what they feel have become priority concerns, the environment is number one.

“It's why people live here, why people visit,” says Lake of Bays Mayor Terry Glover.

Lake of Bays is the most recent municipality to join the Climate Action Muskoka mission and declare a climate emergency. Their goal: reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the district by 50% by 2030. Gravenhurst, the District of Muskoka, and Huntsville are also on board.

Over the last decade, there have been more periods of dry weather resulting in fires, and more instances of severe storms bringing high winds and tornadoes. Flooding has become a major issue as two major events occurred in Muskoka causing millions in damage to houses, cottages, and town property. The effects are real.

“In our municipality we have seen more algae blooms, crazy fluctuations in water levels, and more wildfires,” says Mayor Glover. “We have a lot of forests!”

Messaging and education are important, as we are living in a time where people are taking things in and paying closer attention to issues that they may not have before. Lake of Bays council is looking at options and ideas on how to involve the public.

The CAM website offers a great number of ideas on small steps households and individuals can take to lower their carbon footprint. Things like: turning lights off when leaving a room, doing laundry in cold water and hanging it to dry, recycling strategies, and considering where we buy products from and the packaging that comes with them.

Mayor Glover adds that garbage waste heading to the landfills is a costly concern for the municipality as well.

“Composting is huge, it's something everybody should be doing,” he says.

By Jennifer Turney, for