Community Living South Muskoka Gets Approval For New Residential Units

Posted: 2019-05-21 09:09:28 By: hbr

Community Living South Muskoka has received initial approval to build a new three-storey social services facility in Bracebridge.

During the most recent  Bracebridge development services committee meeting, councillors heard Community Living's plans to create a building on Balls Drive that can be used for office space on the bottom floor and housing in the upper two floors.

The plans call for the upper two storeys to house up to 20 residential units, which will including assisted living dwelling units. The majority of the units are proposed to be one-bedroom units but will also include two bedroom, and three bedroom self-contained affordable rental apartment units to help meet the housing needs for people with developmental disabilities and seniors.

Town planner Jeremy Rand said Community Living's goal is to have other community partners operate out of the site as well. They have spoken with a number of agencies but have no confirmations as of yet.

Council heard there are currently 251 people on a waiting list for special needs housing. The vacancy rate is extremely low in Bracebridge and even lower in Gravenhurst.

The committee voted unanimously to approve the proposal. Mayor Graydon Smith said it has the potential to be incredibly beneficial in light of the serious shortage of all types of housing.