Community Master Plan In The Works In Huntsville

Community Master Plan In The Works In Huntsville

Posted: 2021-03-01 13:57:46 By: thebay

A project to improve the healthy and active lifestyles of Huntsville residents is being worked on as part of the Huntsville Community Services Master Plan as discussed during the Feb. 24 general committee meeting.

According to the Town, the Master Plan will identify areas of necessity and then will help create both long-term strategies for healthy and active living. The Plan will also “create opportunities to ensure vulnerable populations have access to recreation, housing and living.”

The rollout for the plan will begin at the end of October this year by Monteith Brown Planning Consultants Ltd., who was awarded the project on February 12 at the cost of $68,460 plus tax.

This project is being fully funded through the Ontario Service Delivery Grant.


By Leila Nasr-Sharifi, special to