Cottage Rentals Under Scrutiny In Seguin

Cottage Rentals Under Scrutiny In Seguin

Posted: 2020-07-08 07:21:32 By: thebay

The Township of Seguin is taking a closer look at the future of short term accommodation in the region. 

The Township recently announced that they’ve launched a Short-Term Accommodation/Short-Term Cottage Rentals study and they’re looking for public input.

Through public input, the Township is hoping to get an understanding of the public's perspective on regulating short-term accommodations and cottage rentals, as well as some potential solutions. 

Community members who submit comments will be notified of the progress of the study and council will be reviewing all comments from this summer's public engagement in the fall.

You can find more information on the Seguin township website at or through the Planning Department at (705) 732-4300.