Cottagers Could See Their Hydro Bills Skyrocket

Posted: 2019-08-27 08:01:26 By: hbr

Cottagers in Muskoka and across the province could see their electricity bills jump by more than 100 percent this fall.

The dire warning was recently issued by Hydro One. In a letter, they warned that the potential elimination of the seasonal rate class could see rates increase by up to 129 percent.

Hydro One has been told by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that they need to develop a billing model that will get rid of the class under which most seasonal customers have their hydro fees assessed.

According to the OEB, Hydro One customers will be moved into one of their existing residential classes. Which class they fall under depends on a range of factors including the population density of the area, and the cost of the infrastructure and equipment needed to service the customer.

According to the OEB, many cottages can be serviced just as easily as year-round residents, and eliminating the seasonal billing class would make for a more fair system overall.

The OEB plan to take the proposal to public meetings before any changes are made.