Cottagers To See Big Changes To Their Hydro Bills

Posted: 2020-10-02 07:22:48 By: thebay

Many area cottagers are likely to see big changes to their hydro bills in the near future. 

Earlier this month the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) ruled earlier this month that Hydro One must eliminate the seasonal rate class many cottagers fall under move all of their customers into one of their other, density-based rate classes.

Which class customers fall under depends on a range of factors including the population density of the area, and the cost of the infrastructure and equipment needed to service the customer.

The decision was made over the objections of cottagers associations who said the incremental benefits of eliminating the seasonal class are minimal at best, while incremental adverse impacts on certain customers will be significant. 

Hydro One is expected to file an updated report on the elimination of the seasonal class of hydro customers by October 15.