Cottagers Want A Ban On Hunting On Browning Island

Posted: 2019-09-04 07:39:22 By: hbr

The Browning Island Cottagers Association wants a firearms ban for their Lake Muskoka Island.

During the latest Bracebridge general committee meeting, councillors agreed to wait until they received a report back from their bylaw department on any final decision.

Firearm use on Browning Island is currently restricted, but the cottage association said their membership wants a full hunting ban, like some of the neighbouring Lake Muskoka islands.  The association said most of the island is now owned and managed by the Muskoka Conservancy, which does not allow hunting on their property.

Mayor Graydon Smith said hunting on the island has been a concern among residents for some time.

Coun. Barb McMurray said if hunting is banned then the islanders need to figure out what they’ll do if the deer population on Browning Island increases. She said they’re likely to eat every kind of vegetation they kind find, including the landscaping of the cottage owners. Coun. Mark Quemby agreed, saying some residents have already said the deer are a nuisance.