Council Approves Redesign Of Kent Park

Council Approves Redesign Of Kent Park

Posted: 2020-10-16 14:21:12 By: thebay

During Wednesday’s special electronic town council meeting in Huntsville a report was received from staff on a new Kent Park design.

During the last town council meeting on Sept 28th,  council received a deputation by Shelby Behrens-Stevenson. Ms. Behrens-Stevensons requested the town revisit the design and incorporate a gazebo/ or shelter, gas fireplace and other features. Council discussed the size of the proposed shelter, a gas fireplace, and the water bottle filling station. Council felt a better sport for the water bottle filling station would be in front of Town Hall.  Councilor Withey commented that he thought the idea of the fireplace was very unintelligent and that it would be a liability issue. Director Hernen noted that the fireplace could be on a timer, and Councilor Fitzgerald suggested 2 hours every night.

Council revised the motion to remove the water bottle filling station from the park. They also revised the size of the shelter from 20’x20’ to a size proportional to the layout of the park.  Director Hernen noted that the design of the park would be accessible. The motion was passed with the revisions, and staff will report back with concept drawings, which will include a gas fireplace. If those drawings are approved it will then be sent out to tender.