Council Reports on Flooding at Special Meeting

Posted: 2019-05-08 09:19:12 By: hbr

Huntsville’s Director of Protective Services, Steve Hernen reported on the 2019 Flood in Huntsville at yesterday’s special council meeting.

Hernen said that the 2019 Flood was very different than other floods on record.

Based on all of the past data, the extent and length of the flood was unexpected. The same amount of snow in 2016 did not result in the same flood conditions. The flood run was 10 days this year, and in the past 30 years of data, that has not happened before.  The flood run is usually 3-4 days.  He said a number of factors likely contributed to this event, but it is not yet clear if this was ‘the perfect storm’, or if climate change and other factors are at play.

It is too early for definitive answers but they will be doing more research on this event, and hope to have more answers later.

Councilors were told that a number of citizens have complained to the town that the water levels should have been lowered, but Hernen pointed out that the Town does not control the water levels, the Ministry of Natural Resources does. If water levels are dropped too low they may not rise again, as well wildlife, and spawning beds could be compromised.