Councilor Concerned About Pedestrian Safety On Fraserburg Rd

Councilor Concerned About Pedestrian Safety On Fraserburg Rd

Posted: 2020-07-24 07:43:40 By: thebay

The road to the Bracebridge Fairgrounds needs a safety upgrade.

That was the message from Bracebridge councillor Rick Wilson during the latest Bracebridge council meeting. Wilson said Fraserburg Road between the park and Cedar Lane is a treacherous area to walk with twists and turns, hills and heavy traffic. With all the events that take place in the park during the summer and fall, the Town should consider building a sidewalk to increase the safety of the roadway.

“Plain and simple it’s not safe,” he said.

Coun. Mark Quemby had some concerns with the proposal, saying he's put forward other areas for sidewalk consideration, notably Dill Street near Bracebridge Bay, but has always been told that sidewalks are dealt with in a specific order. 

Council was told by staff that the potential sidewalk areas are placed in a queue and dealt with based on a number of criteria. They agreed to place Fraserburg in that same queue for consideration over the next several years.