Councilors Ponder Speed Reduction on Hwy 117

Posted: 2018-09-05 07:23:12 By: hbr

Bracebridge councilors had a rousing discussion Tuesday morning about potentially dropping the speed limit for a section of Highway 117.

After a complaint from a Settler’s Lane resident, deputy mayor Rick Maloney proposed reducing the speed limit form 80 km/hr to 70 km/hr on Highway 117 between Highway 11 and Bonnie Lake Road.

Councilor Mark Quemby said the road’s a major transportation corridor and should stay as is. Council has fielded a number of requests for lowered speed limits in different parts of town recently. Quemby said if council drops the speed limit every time they hear a complaint then it's going to cause major traffic issues.

Councilor Don Smith agreed that the town appears to be seeing more problems with speeding recently. He suggested that perhaps more needed to be done on the enforcement side from the OPP.

Ultimately, the committee wasn't comfortable with requesting a specific speed limit, since they had no information aside from the letter of complaint. They asked the District of Muskoka, who make the final decisions on Highway 117, to review the speed limit and come back with their suggestions.