Councilors Revert To Cheaper Option To Replace Decking On Town Dock

Posted: 2019-06-27 14:55:17 By: hbr

The Town of Huntsville called a Special Council Meeting on Wednesday, to discuss once again, the replacement of the decking on the Town Dock.

During Monday’s regular council meeting it was decided to replace the decking on the town dock with cedar planking, with a maximum budget of $100,000.

At Wednesday’s  meeting, Steve Hernen, Director of Operations, told councillors that the cost to replace the decking with cedar would exceed the maximum approved amount, coming in at $109,340.

Hernen also advised councillors that after further research, the original option of pressure treated wood would be a safe option for fresh water applications.  Its also more durable and less expensive than cedar planking, coming in with a price tag of $75,000.

There was some concern of the cost around the table, with councillors Withey, Wiebe, and Fitzgerald saying the the boards should be replaced as needed until another long term solution could be found.

Council eventually agreed to proceed with replacing all the decking at a cost of $75,000 as a safety precaution.