Councilors To Get First Look At Proposed Downtown Streetscape

Posted: 2018-07-16 08:19:48 By: hbr

The Town of Huntsville will look at recommendations for a new streetscape design in the downtown core at an upcoming general committee meeting.
The District of Muskoka has slated Main Street construction as a future project to address water and sewage upgrades. This presents the Town of Huntsville with an exciting opportunity to rethink and redesign Main Street and Kent Park; to reflect the wants and needs of our residents and visitors.
Over a three day period, the Town's consultant worked with business owners and residents to develop a design concept for a future Main Street and Kent Park.
Highlights include:
• A new gateway at Lorne Street and Main Street to mark the entrance where a view of Downtown Huntsville unfolds.
• Both sides of Main Street to have on-street parking in bays identified with special pavers that can also be locations for temporary café areas or extra seating in the summer.
• A new Town Square in front of the Town Hall.
• Sidewalks to be lined with street trees that have room to grow.
• Muskoka chairs to be set out along the sidewalks featuring granite boulders and areas planted with alder, birch, conifers and dogwood.
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