Crime Stoppers Hotline Ringing In Muskoka

Posted: 2019-07-04 07:28:32 By: hbr

The Crime Stoppers hotline has seen a lot of traffic so far this year, according to the organizers.

OPP Constable Leslie Woodley and Crime Stoppers volunteer Tom Young were in front of Bracebridge’s general committee recently to let them know more about the program, which allows people to provide tips on possible crimes while remaining anonymous and potentially receiving a cash reward.

Woodley told councillors that this year alone there have been nearly 250 calls to Crimestoppers in the south Muskoka region. Those calls have resulted in 46 charges being laid and roughly $8,000 in cash being recovered. 

Woodley said Crime Stoppers has been pushing hard to get more active in Muskoka over the past two years and those efforts appear to be paying off. She says a great deal of that can be attributed to more media coverage and better engagement at the grassroots level. Nonetheless, she says the organization could use more volunteers in the region.

Woodley said since Crime Stoppers of Simcoe Dufferin Muskoka was formed in 1987, tips have led to more than 4,800 arrests, and $70 million in drugs taken off the street while doling out nearly $400,000 in rewards to tipsters.

Crime Stoppers is not administered by the police, and generates all of their money through fundraising.