David Sillars Sentencing Hearing Begins

Posted: 2019-08-16 14:10:00 By: hbr

The sentencing hearing for David Sillars has begun. Sillars was convicted in the impaired driving killing of 8-year-old Thomas Rancourt, and charged with numerous offenses, including criminal negligence causing death, over 80 causing death, and dangerous operation of a vessel causing death. It’s the first case in Canada where someone has been convicted for impaired operation of a Canoe. The prosecution is asking for six to eight years behind bars, while the defense is asking for a two-year prison sentence and a five year no-go on operating a vessel. Thomas Rancourt’s aunt submitted an impact statement during yesterday’s hearing, but stopped short of reading it herself after parts of it were redacted by the defense, saying that she was worried about her future relationship with her other nephew, William. She says that she felt Sillars showed no remorse during the hearing. The sentencing finishes October 4th in Bracebridge.