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David Suzuki endorses Green Party candidate Matt Richter

David Suzuki endorses Green Party candidate Matt Richter

Posted: 2022-05-25 08:11:48 By: thebay

On Friday, environmentalist and TV personality, David Suzuki endorsed Green Party candidate Matt Richter running in Parry Sound Muskoka. 

Suzuki says that “Only the Green Party is founded on principles that understand that we need clean air, water, soil and food to keep us alive and well. Matt Richter has demonstrated his commitment to fight for a better future through green values, and that’s why he has my support in this election.”

Suzuki also lent his support to Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, saying he has proven himself as leader of the party.


Suzuki’s endorsement adds to a growing list of endorsements that both Schreiner, Deputy leader Dianne Saxe and Matt Richter have received by prominent local, provincial and national voices.


“It’s an honour to receive support from such a well-respected environmental leader,” Richter said.