Development Freeze In Minett May Be Coming To An End

Posted: 2019-12-12 07:58:17 By: hbr

The development freeze in the Minett area of Lake Rosseau appears to be coming closer to resolution.

In May of 2018, the Township of Muskoka Lakes passed an interim control bylaw, which effectively blocked all development on that section of waterfront. The move came in response to a planned development which could have potentially seen hundreds of new residential properties built in the region.

The Township appointed a 13 person task force to look into the issue and that task force  recently presented some of their findings to local municipal governments.

The committee stressed to council the need for sustainable development and the prioritization of environment over economy. Some of the major topics the committee investigated included increased boat traffic on Wallace Bay, the protection and enhancement of the local environment and the implications of recreational carrying capacity.

The steering committee expects to have their final recommendations ready for presentation early in 2020.