Development Plan Sent Back For More Study

Posted: 2019-04-17 07:26:37 By: hbr

Bracebridge council wants another look at the Muskoka Royale Development planned for a property just east of Lake Muskoka.

The controversial development was again the subject of debate during the most recent Bracebridge council meeting.

The plan calls for the creation of a private elementary school and a private secondary school along with on-site living accommodations, multi-use recreational facilities and servicing infrastructure. The applicants say that at full build-out, the secondary school will have approximately 1,200 students as well as 116 staff members, while the elementary school will have approximately 600 students and 55 staff

During the summer months, a summer camp is proposed that would be running on two-week intervals.

The property fronts on Stephen’s Bay Road, but the proponent is actually proposing access via Highway 118.

The proposal met with stiff opposition from local residents and lake associations who are worried about a range of issues from traffic to the threat to the area’s ecosystem.

On Wednesday, council voted to send the proposal back to staff for further study and to hold a second public meeting.