District Approves Donation Of Used Ambulance to Guatemalan Organization

Posted: 2018-11-21 07:22:36 By: hbr

District council has decided to donate an ambulance to an under-resourced Guatemalan volunteer fire department to assist with rescues and responses.

During this week’s council meeting, councillors heard that in this community there is only one response vehicle and there are reports of critical patients being transported by private vehicles.

It was agreed that a surplus ambulance should be donated to Globalfire - a team of volunteers who strive to strengthen the emergency response capacity of underfunded fire stations around the world.

Staff told council that they receive approximately $7,500 per ambulance when surplus vehicles have been disposed of in the past. They said that given the relatively low dollar value of the trade-in and the benefit of assisting a charitable organization like Globalfire they were in favour of the donation.

In fact, council said they would consider sending more surplus medical equipment for use in developing countries.